Will not be buying in future As well as the price going up from £1 to £1.30 they have now reduced the size so much so that I thought I was pulling out a pack of four loo rolls from the shopping. I happen to have a roll of the previous sized rolls out and the latest are an inch shorter, I shall go elsewhere. Submitted by Jules 10/10/2018 04:22
Waste of money Not what they used to be. Less on a roll and very flimsy. Better value in the £1 shop. Submitted by natalie 07/09/2018 09:38
Not what they used to be! I'm not sure but as well as becoming more expensive there seems to be less - not good value anymore sadly! Submitted by Mike 04/09/2018 08:25
CHEAP RUBBISH Used to love these now they more expensive and utter rubbish, if any body at Iceland bothers to read reviews they should listen to customers, as there are plenty of other stores to go to Submitted by ALLAN 31/07/2018 11:35
Too expensive Anyone else notice this product has gone up 30p in the last few weeks ? not for me.... Submitted by jdc 14/06/2018 07:07
Enough to last With 4 rolls, thin but they last Submitted by Anonymous 25/05/2018 08:28
Paper thin Very thin but I guess they do the job. Submitted by Maureen Graham 01/04/2018 01:09
What's Happening? Always ordered these towels, but was disappointed with quality on last delivery and a 15p increase in price means they have lost my custom & I will not be ordering again. Submitted by Marguerite 06/03/2018 04:39
Great value for money Gets the job done! Submitted by Anonymous 30/08/2017 10:47
Very disappointed For years I have purchased these kitchen towels, they were brilliant, thick and absorbing, so was shocked on last purchase, thin hard paper, they have changed and not for the better. Very disappointed Submitted by sandra 17/04/2017 01:18
Breeze kitchen rolls These were excellent but on my last order the packaging looked as it usually did but the company have changed the contents. They are now typical value rolls. Very disappointed. Submitted by Dawn Paice 29/03/2017 10:52
Poor quality This is about 1 of the only products I don't like about Iceland you need half a roll to do one job :( I wish you stocked Plenty. Submitted by Dee 20/03/2017 09:08
Poor quality Not good at all, smaller than average squares, tear easily and not very absorbant Submitted by Diane Palmer 27/02/2016 12:26
Really good These are good for the price. Submitted by leyla 21/01/2015 08:09
Best Value Great value and does the job. Submitted by Dawn 13/08/2014 04:56
Very good Have many different uses and they don't fall apart like some of the other brands out there. Submitted by Anita 17/07/2014 03:14
Great value I always need kitchen roll but found it too expensive, this seems to last as long as any other and its soft and absorbent, so happy to be able to buy at this price! Submitted by Louise 31/03/2014 12:08
4 pack kitchen roll 4 for a quid. cant go wrong Submitted by julieb 16/10/2013 10:07
Bargain ! 4 kitchen rolls for £1 is a great bargain thanks Iceland Submitted by Artichoke 24/08/2013 03:56