Change of product I buy these every month, they were great value for money but, I noticed it’s changed so much, it’s no longer tissue, it’s paper! Crunchy dry horrid and they’ve since gone up in price - scandalous! Definitely will not be buying again. Submitted by CobraCat 11/01/2019 03:54
Not the same Rough as sandpaper. Not the same as before, was nice and soft, and they have put the price up! Submitted by tricky 17/12/2018 01:14
NOT GOOD! Not good. It's so thin, you have to uses loads. Good price, but not good if you have to use 3-4 times the amount. So I'll get the more expensive ones, because it lasts so much longer Submitted by LoobyLoo 21/10/2018 07:09
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