Very nice Enjoy these every time! Submitted by poppy 30/03/2016 02:58
Not enough cheese! Way too much bread crumbs on these mushrooms for my liking so much so that it almost felt like I was eating stuffing!, I love garlic but these were OTT & there was only a tiny blob of cheese! In future I'll stick to doing my own with Bacon & cheese as they taste way better than these bought ones! Submitted by B 19/03/2016 01:26
Vampires Beware Wow! The garlic after taste is exploding in my mouth. Really good cream cheese to breadcrumb ratio, mushrooms pretty large and chunky. Cooked well, no leakage and hardly any watery effect from mushrooms. If you are a garlic lover you'll love these. Hardly any red onion. Submitted by Iquita 14/03/2016 04:51
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