No Longer Available!!? This was by far your best bread, used to order all the time and now you no longer sell it! Very disappointed :( Submitted by Paul 18/07/2017 06:23
Burgen Soya & Linseed Bread This is, beyond doubt, the perfect loaf of bread. It's packed with nutrients like omega 3, calcium, protein, and of course fibre; where has this bread been my whole life?! There is nothing about this bread I can fault; it's crammed with super seeds and also it has a low GI rating. Not forgetting, this bread is so tasty and the texture is lovely. Submitted by Amy 29/06/2017 12:27
Best bread ever We love this bread. It is tasty as sandwiches or toasted. Submitted by Pam 16/05/2016 06:31
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