Small But Perfectly Formed My local "butty van" delivers wraps to my workplace for a similar price, but larger and fresher. These ones are certainly nice and packed full of content, but compared to the packaging the wrap itself is pretty small. If it was bigger I'd give it top marks but the snack size portion prevents it being a winner. Submitted by Ian 07/08/2016 05:29
Flavoursome, a sufficient light lunchtime meal There is enough of a "kick" in the spice and the veg is filling enough for this to satisfy you through to the next mealtime. Very nice, would buy again. Submitted by Patrick 18/02/2016 07:48
Cafe Asia 1 Handmade Chicken Tikka Wrap Very nice snack, full of flavour, will definitely eat more, great value Submitted by kenneth 20/01/2016 02:59