Absolutely disappointing I found them expensive and made with very low quality meat. In particular, the lamb is extremely fatty and there are tiny bones granulated in the mash... Moreover, the origin of the meat isn't indicated. Above the adequate food standard... Submitted by Costa 04/06/2016 08:49
These taste delicious - but £8.50 is far too expensive! These taste fabulous - really, very good. Especially the lamb. But the price should be £5-£6 considering the quantity. A real shame that they aren't a bit cheaper as these taste truly fantastic. Would give 5*, but knocking off 1* for the price. Submitted by Patrick 27/02/2016 10:59
Ok but dear These are quite nice. Agree with the other reviewer the chicken ones could do with a bit more seasoning/spice. Overpriced though for what you get. Submitted by Richard 22/02/2016 12:10
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