Memories I buy this at Christmas and it takes me back to my youth. Never drank it on it's own, always mixed it with cider. Will be doing the same again this year....CHEERS!! Submitted by Ann 01/12/2017 03:49
Crummy Cherry B Hadn't drunk this for years - nothing like the really tasty Cherry B of my youth, its now bland, boring and disgusting. Submitted by Moggiemum7 06/01/2017 09:18
Golden Oldie I used to drink this in the 70's and when I drink it now it takes me back, I love it Submitted by Anonymous 03/12/2016 08:26
Cherry B Wine This drink is absolutely awful. It initially tastes like Cherry and Sugar and then you seem to get an after taste of Paracetamol. After a couple of sips, I threw away the bottle I opened and the others as well. I would never think to offer this to anyone else to drink either. Do not make the mistake of buying this drink, put your money towards something nice to drink. Submitted by Narinder 01/12/2016 02:23
Cherry B Tastes so lovely, very enjoyable drink Submitted by Linda 26/11/2015 05:48