Revolting Horrible taste and an awful aftertaste. Submitted by Anonymous 27/07/2018 08:25
Ewww Worst thing i have ever tried to eat. Too yucky, even my 7 year old who loves chocolate couldn't eat this. Went in the bin. Submitted by Nk 12/07/2018 07:20
Lovely We really enjoyed it not to sweet. Submitted by Angela 27/05/2018 03:21
No...just no Very sickly. Lucky to even get one star. Submitted by Shaun 26/05/2018 09:48
Disgusting I would give 0 rating if possible... disgusting. Submitted by Krisz 23/05/2018 10:18
discusting Tasted absolutely disgusting, never again. If there were minus ratings it would be right at the bottom -5* Submitted by Jules 22/05/2018 04:19
Horrible! Avoid it.. My family like pizzas and chocolate but not together.. Bin it. Submitted by Krisztina 28/02/2018 10:27
Chocolate Dessert Pizza I bought one for the kids to try. Awful! Never again. Even the kids did not eat it. We will stay on traditional pizzas. ''Meats and vegetables" Submitted by Krisztina 27/02/2018 09:14
Horrible I love chocolate and I like pizza; this is vile though. Avoid it.. Submitted by Vikki 27/01/2018 02:57
Better avoid it Honestly I didn't like it and I usually really like Iceland's cakes and sweet stuff. Submitted by Squid 03/01/2018 10:47
My Kids favourite This isn't as bad as it sounds. It's not really a pizza, more like a large cookie. Lots of chocolate but surprisingly not sickly. My family of 5 wolf one down easily. Are there any more varieties coming out? Submitted by Keith Macdonald 07/11/2017 01:22
Chocolate Dessert Pizza Kids love it as a weekend treat. Submitted by Anonymous 26/10/2017 09:55
Not nice Taste like chocolate cake wouldn't by it again and I love cake Submitted by carly 16/10/2017 10:09
Sceptical, but enjoyed We saw this in the freezer a few times and dismissed the idear of chocolate pizza. When the special deal came up we decided to try it. We all enjoyed it with vanilla ice cream. It was like a biscuit base not a pizza base but don't over cook. We will buy again Submitted by Duncar 14/10/2017 01:37
Noooo This is just wrong. Nothing else to say Submitted by Anonymous 12/10/2017 08:07
Foul! This surprised me coming from the Chicago Town brand. Just disgusting Submitted by Ian T 04/10/2017 02:50
Chicago Town Sweet Chocolate Dessert Pizza Very delicious and nice dessert pizza. Not too sweet and the chocolate sauce base is perfect. Big favourite! Submitted by El 12/09/2017 05:12
Taste the pizza base It's not nice as it tastes like pizza Submitted by Zara 08/09/2017 01:22
Chicago Town Sweet Limited Edition The Chocolate Dessert Being honest it was not as nice as I thought, the topping was alright but the base I did not like Submitted by mark 27/04/2017 10:09
Lovely treat My family loves this when we need a sweet treat kick. Submitted by A METCALFE 25/02/2017 08:30
Chocolate pizza One small slice maybe ok, but I found it very sickly Submitted by william 28/12/2016 11:34
Wow, so glad I didn't take notice of other reviews! Treat this as a dessert, serve with squirty cream and vanilla ice cream. Absolutely delicious. Very rich, which is were the creams comes in. Don't cover cook, it's moist and melt in the mouth! Submitted by Soapy 27/12/2016 06:43
Stick to meat feast My kids love chocolate, my kids love pizza but this was a definite no no. Submitted by Julie 16/12/2016 04:59
Meh Strange taste initially. Much better once cooled. Submitted by Em 05/12/2016 11:10
Gross Horrible Submitted by Anonymous 03/12/2016 10:29