Not "pizza" at all - Disgusting We tried these today. They are vile and disgusting and the worst product by Chicago Town we have ever tried to eat. Not really pizza at all - just a pizza dough base with garlic flavoured cheese on top. Hideous. Do not touch these with a barge-pole. I only ate one, and my stomach is still churning. Submitted by Chris Fowler 20/09/2018 05:13
Nasty These are vile! I don’t know what cheese they have used on these, but it doesn't smell or taste right. Submitted by Rachel 19/05/2018 09:08
Revolting! Truly awful Worst thing I have eaten. The cheese used on these pizzas doesn't smell or taste right. Chicago Town need to rethink their recipe on this, its just awful! Submitted by Rachel 19/05/2018 07:00
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