Yucky What arrived is different to the choice option, honey roast, not plain cooked ham. It is like plastic, some tasted smoked, and utterly revolting and I will be very wary about buying again. Submitted by Karen Andrews 13/09/2018 09:59
Ok-ish A bit dry and tasteless, hopefully be OK for sandwiches. Will not repurchase. Submitted by ValP 02/09/2018 08:16
Goes off pretty quick Had this a few times, but goes slimy very quickly even when its kept in the fridge. Submitted by Helen Blair 14/06/2018 03:21
Bit of a lottery The ham itself is pretty good and worth the price but unfortunately in my last order the pack contained mostly ham scented air instead of actual ham. I'm not sure how common this is but getting a pack that's barely 1/4 full isn't exactly what's shown on the display picture. Submitted by Alan 07/05/2018 05:35
Ham Lottery Rather random quality. If your lucky you get some really tasty slices however the last lot was strangely sweaty and greasy though the date was OK and didn't cause any problems, just not as appetising. Bit of a lottery. Submitted by StevieBee 13/01/2018 09:19
Not what it used to be I used to buy this a long time ago, was always really nice. I thought I'd try it again recently, it is awful, will not buy anymore, was just extremely hard and chewy. Submitted by Anonymous 28/12/2017 09:17
Delicious Real tasty ham, quality. Can sit and eat the whole packet minus the fatty bits. Buy it all the time. Submitted by Heidiboo 13/10/2017 01:10
YUM! Looks like the off cuts, but so delicious! I always buy this! Great chunks of yummy ham, no fat, great in sandwiches, salads, cooking, all sorts! Submitted by Emma. 07/08/2017 11:20
WOW Wasn't expecting too much for the price but wow was I pleasantly surprised. Slices of smoked ham, no fat just tasty ham. Definitely recommend and will be buying regularly. Submitted by Sharon 11/07/2017 06:37
Nice Tasty ham pieces, like off cuts but good value, a lot of ham for the money Submitted by John 11/06/2017 06:03
Great for price Huge amount of ham for the money. Cuts are very variable, sometimes it's chunky pieces, other times it's misshapen slices. Tastes good either way though! Submitted by Andy 09/04/2017 10:24
Highly salted Poor quality off cuts, VERY salty Submitted by simon 20/03/2017 12:48
Really lovely Had this ham in a sandwich with English mustard. Yummy Submitted by mel 10/03/2017 11:46
Yummy ham Bought as I like ham. Reasonable price and looked good. What can I say I was right tasty ham, will definitely buy more and freeze Submitted by Lesley 03/03/2017 07:50
Gorgeous!! :p Bought this to give it a try despite the mixed reviews...got 3 packs and mine were absolutely scrummy!! Will DEFINITELY buy again! Submitted by Kat 01/03/2017 08:03
Hit or miss ham! Can be lovely and lean, I've had this ham when its been like that , also when it's been fatty and disgusting. I buy online so I take the chance. Submitted by Shell f 30/11/2016 01:46
Paul again. Just an update to my review below, Last pack I bought was cheap reformed ham and pretty tasteless and fatty. 3 out of 4 packs purchased were great value. Submitted by Paul 07/10/2016 11:35
Great value Bought once, Ham was some large and small trimmings from proper ham, Not the reformed stuff. Buying again this month :) Submitted by Paul 29/08/2016 11:59
Cooked ham Bought this a few times and it was lovely, this last pack we bought went in the bin. It was tough and didn't taste good. Submitted by joyce nolan 14/07/2016 09:58
Different I bought this ham a couple of weeks ago and was very happy with it. Big pieces of carved proper ham, not plastic ham. So bought another online this week, very disappointed as it was thin smoked plastic ham, horrible, threw it away, pity its not consistent, better picking your own if you go into store and buy this product. Submitted by Anonymous 29/06/2016 11:01
Lovely Have bought this ham regularly for the past few months and have never been disappointed, Submitted by Linda 18/05/2016 06:31
Excellent Quality Considering the cheap price it's quality meat. Sometimes large slices, sometimes bits & pieces, but always excellent quality. It's labelled as "trimmings" so quit complaining (those that have!). They still make for great sarnies, quiches, or even to eat straight from the pack! Submitted by Vee 01/05/2016 07:18
Garbage Only giving one star because I can't give zero. Bought this based on the photo - in reality it's lots of pressed together wafer thin tasteless and slimy rubbish that unlike some reviews have mentioned, I wouldn't even give it to my dog. It looks like some of these packs must be proper ham, but if they're going to use online shoppers as a captive audience who can't see what they're buying, then I'm sure they (Iceland) won't have too many repeat orders from some people - including me! Submitted by Stuart Cutmore 10/04/2016 06:54
Flavorsome Excellent ham; so very fed-up with wet, slimy ham which is tasteless. This is excellent value for sandwiches or ham with eggs. Only ham I buy apart from ham at the butchers which is far more expensive and my husband won't eat packet ham normally. Submitted by Rosemary 03/04/2016 12:24
Only fit for the dog Mostly ground up processed ham, with no taste really. I cant do much with it but give it to my dog on top of his food. Don't waste your money. Submitted by Mr F 27/03/2016 08:52
Rubbish This mish-mash of bits of ham is not slices at all. Not a particularly nice tasting ham. Rubbish. Submitted by Paul Robinson 05/03/2016 12:07
Excellent Think you have to realise what this product is, and I am an ex butcher. When you boil a ham for cold meat the end parts become too narrow to make into attractive slices, so they are hacked off, and are the butchers perk or sold cheap for pea and ham soup etc. These are the end cuts and are the best bits, much tastier than a mid slice. At £1.50 for best part of a pound of quality meat this must be the deal of the century. (The hams are actually sealed into a bag before going onto the boil, so the flavour stays in) Submitted by Taff 24/02/2016 09:47
Not nice Awful taste Submitted by ali 25/04/2015 08:54
Great Value Brought this to try having noticed the bargain price and it's a weekly favourite now. Nice thick slices, hit and miss as to the sizes but a bargain and tasty. Submitted by zb 26/02/2015 01:08
Hot Dog!! I must admit this was an on line shop impulse purchase, but I thought for the price I would give it a go! I wish that I hadn't bothered. I usually buy this from Aldi and the product there can be hit and miss but at least you can see it before you buy...this was absolutely RANK!!... it tasted just like cheap Hot Dogs with a very weird rubbery type texture... the slices were also as thick as a doorstep too...will not be buying this again !! Wish I could give it 0 stars. Submitted by Nicola 30/01/2015 02:00
Tasteless Didn't really taste of anything and was a bit rubbery. Cheap though! Submitted by Hugh 12/09/2014 12:13
Nice Ham Really nice and good value. I must admit, I buy this in store to pick it myself. Submitted by Dawn 13/08/2014 04:33
Inconsistent Normally this ham is of reasonable quality but the last pack we had was so rubbery that we had to give it to the dogs. Submitted by Iain Mac 16/06/2014 09:31
Off cuts Usually really nice pieces of ham but if you're going to buy I suggest you buy in store so you can check it first. I purchased online and it was rubbish, full of fat and gristle. Will give it 4 stars just because when bought in store I check it and when it's good it's great value. Submitted by T 18/05/2014 01:48
Delicious Tastes home made and smoked. Generous pieces. The children love it. Submitted by Woodlanduk 18/12/2013 09:29
Ham Deals Really tasty and thick cut. Submitted by roddy 14/11/2013 10:57