Great Taste. These savouries are really tasty and better than the big name brands I've been buying for years. Such a big bag at an unbelievable low price. Submitted by Michelle 29/06/2018 04:44
Cheese Savouries Simply, I love these! Submitted by Victoria 14/03/2018 12:24
Very nice Yummy, I share these with my grandson, both like them! Submitted by Plummy 23/01/2018 11:02
Consume Them! It's a big pack of cheesy little delicious biscuits just begging to be devoured because they know how truly delicious they really are! Submitted by Funky Boy 21/02/2017 02:38
Tasty snacks These cheesy snacks{pardon the pun} are soo tasty, you just gotta try them. They will be in your basket every week I can guarantee :) Submitted by Mrs G.Burrows. 02/01/2015 06:01
Snakes This is my first time trying these, they are so good I couldn't keep my hand out of the packet, until I looked and they were gone. Will be buying these every shop. Love them. Submitted by mrs linda sousa-relva 27/05/2014 01:11
great when watching the footie! really good to put out as a snack when the lads come over to watch the game! Submitted by james 11/03/2014 12:10