Smells delish, This is by far the best liquid soap I've bought, we go through tons of the stuff, it smells really good and for a quid its great value, definitely a good buy there :) Submitted by Geraldine. 16/03/2015 05:30
Cocoon hand wash. Have only managed to get one of these as the store I get my order from has stopped keeping it. Why? It leaves a lovely smell on your hands and also leaves them incredibly soft. No problem with the pump. I keep trying to order it in the hope it turns up one day! Submitted by Jinty. 13/02/2015 01:17
Awkward Pump Great creamy soap, leaves hands feeling soft however extremely difficult to pump. I thought we had a faulty bottle but going by the other review it's the design that's the problem. Still worth the money though Submitted by Dee 13/02/2015 01:09
Hard to Pump This hand soap should be ideal as it is the right size and the creamy soap is pleasantly fragranced. Unfortunately it is more or less impossible to get the soap out of the pump. Maybe the soap is too thick? I've tried by adding a bit of water to it but it has not made much difference. I'll have to tip the contents in another bottle once I have an empty one. Submitted by Patti 10/02/2015 10:57