Unripe=no flavour Disappointed. I purchased a mix of these and found in each the fruit was unripe. It is tasteless, which may be why one reviewer 'microwaved' the fruit? It concentrates the sugar and gives a 'flavour' but it's bland and destroys nutrients. I suppose some people could just stew them with some apples and make a pie but that was not the purpose of my purchase. I will not buy any frozen fruit for the forseeable future. Submitted by T James 26/06/2017 11:26
Delicious Absolutely love this pack, very sweet and tasty, pop some in a dish and leave to thaw..great stuff Submitted by chrisj 16/04/2017 10:05
Great product! I'm no health freak, and I could do more, but I do quite like a smoothie! These packs are perfect for those who like a smoothie every day or two. Although priced pretty well, you don't really get very much in the bags and you are best off combining a handful of this fruit with some additional blueberries, a banana, some apple or whatever you fancy. Although it says to thaw for a while, you can give them a quick 30 secs in the microwave in order to defrost a bit. Add some milk to the mix and blend away. You'll get a very tasty and obviously healthy smoothie in seconds. I've switched to buying these frozen fruit bags over too much fresh fruit. Overall a really great product you'll always want to have in the freezer. Submitted by Graeme 02/01/2017 03:05