Not bad! Taste quite nice and they have a reasonable amount of meat in them. Submitted by James 02/01/2019 09:54
Abomination This should not be served to human beings. I would advise anyone not to buy this product as it will only disappoint you and any loved ones you might happen to unfortunately experience it with. Submitted by Louis 02/12/2018 08:08
Family Fave The whole famalam loves these minted tasty grills. We always have to have 2 each though! They're a bit greasy, but if you grill it gets rid of any excess. Quite pricey for what they are though :-( Submitted by Hails 21/11/2018 12:43
Minted Lamb Grills Very tasty. Submitted by Anonymous 14/09/2018 11:33
Bad These things are foul, you can taste the cheapness. Submitted by Jacky 06/09/2018 12:48
Dalepak 6 Minted Lamb Grills I cooked these in a ceramic pan that needed no oil. The pan was oozing with fat from this product and the appeared mushy and flavourless, would not purchase again. Yuk. Submitted by S H 13/05/2018 07:09
Too sweet Would be better without the added sugar. Submitted by Julesssss 07/11/2017 08:18
Yummy I've liked these for years. They do seem smaller these days but still delicious :) Submitted by Alyssa 01/10/2017 07:01
Not mint Mint is for roast lamb. Not burgers, kebabs or stews. Submitted by Longtime cus 06/09/2017 04:11
Yuck... Weird taste and odd texture. Won't buy again Submitted by TZ 13/08/2017 06:42
Nice grilled These are nice grilled, eaten in a bun and mint jelly added. The grill removes the excess fat. I do them for a shorter time, added to this is they are produced locally in Yorkshire. If you have a heart problem grilling gets rid of the fat. Submitted by kenneth 02/08/2017 10:57
Good Moist meat with a nice taste, but you need to wipe the fat off the meat and it leaves a lot of excess oil in the pan. Tasty but probably not healthy! Submitted by C.S 16/12/2016 01:42
Moist - Only good thing These were moist. That's the only positive. Lacked taste and what little flavour they had was artificial. Very unappetising colour. :/ Thankfully they appear to have shrunk over the years so I didn't feel bad leaving it and feeding it to my dog Rex. Will not get these again. Submitted by Nandinola Perez 06/11/2016 06:06
Larry goes forth These have been a freezer staple of mine for years now, so I thought it's time I left a review. I can only vouch for my own taste buds when I say these definitely taste of lamb; maybe not the intense flavour of a roast, but then how would they? Also, they are not overly minted, just right in fact and go lovely with new potatoes or chips. Top tip; line your tin/grill with foil as they can leave a mess. Submitted by John from Ipswich 27/10/2016 01:00
Junk Food The meat is very fat and surprisingly tasteless and this is weird because lamb has a strong and distinctive taste. The only thing you can feel in this product is the mint aftertaste. Avoid it. Submitted by Costa 30/06/2016 01:45
Absolute rubbish I've never tasted such rubbish in my life, I don't know what sort of meat they call it, I'm sure it is minced bone and fat - absolutely gross. Submitted by Grodes 29/03/2016 10:04
Great value great taste. Tried these and was so pleased, couple of fussy eating kids have now added a new favourite meal to their list. Submitted by SB 17/09/2015 06:26
Minted lamb grills This mush is far too sweet.. Nasty. Submitted by carol 23/08/2015 03:29
Rubbish. Tasted like mush and hardly minty. Submitted by carole 06/06/2015 11:27