Just right for sandwiches One review says too thin for sandwiches - so double up then! I find it just right. Lovely with english mustard lightly spread on it - or with picalilli or branston sandwich pickle, or beetroot! Great value. There is a 9 slice pack too which is even better value. Submitted by murf537 12/06/2016 09:56
Was surprised by this! I am a little snobby sometimes with food, I always think it is better to pay that little bit extra. However, I thought I`d give Iceland's Corned Beef a go. and I'm glad I did. It was gorgeous, nice and soft, moist and perfect slice of bread size. Really, really enjoyed it so much that I had to make this review straight away!! I am literally still eating my butties, but had to come give this 5 stars it so deserves!!! Submitted by Dani 12/05/2016 07:47
Corned beef Very tasty, and the slices are not too thick. Submitted by Susan 13/12/2014 01:16
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