EXCELLENT Totally disagree with bad review, so bad, why eat it? I get it every time I shop. Tasty in sandwich and good warm in gravy with stuffing. Submitted by Mary 03/04/2016 02:40
Very tasty The other review nearly put me off but I gave it a try and really liked it. The chicken has a nice dry texture and isn't greasy like some wafer meats can be. Nice taste and scoffed the lot in 2 days. Submitted by Ian 26/03/2016 01:36
Meh, find something else This is reformed chicken, and fairly manky reformed chicken at that. It's got a bit of an off-putting odour, and doesn't taste great even when freshly opened well before the use-by date. It's edible enough that I'll finish the pack but not purchase again. Submitted by Anonymous 31/07/2015 02:40