Tasteless How can they be so tasteless? No flavour at all. Vile. Submitted by Colin 03/08/2018 02:09
Very tasty I've been getting these for years and my family loves them. Submitted by NUFCforever 30/06/2018 08:21
Great for diabetics Being on a fluid restricted diet, and diabetic, I find these little pops ideal to quench my thirst without exceeding fluid limits. Taste mild which I like! Submitted by sue 08/04/2018 10:29
Should have listened I'm not sure how you can go wrong with an ice pop but these are disgusting, they have no flavour just a bitter taste. Submitted by E 05/04/2018 10:26
These are flavourless I bought this product dispite the negative reviews. I should of taken the advice. These freezes have no flavour. The cola even sucks. Lemon also. The only flavour you do taste is the sweeteners and they seem bitter. Iceland needs to pull this product as there are other companies offering this type of lolly that actually have flavour. Submitted by Kkat 02/04/2018 11:09
NICE Nice flavours Submitted by Anonymous 08/10/2017 08:35
Awful taste I didn't think you could go wrong with ice pops - but these are just like frozen water there is absolutely no taste whatsoever with the exception of maybe the cola ones and the taste of these is so vile it may as well be like the other tasteless ones. Awful not one person that has tasted them has liked them in our household. Submitted by jane 24/06/2017 12:46
Disney Frozen Freezepops 20 x 35ml (700ml) Used to buy these all winter but now they are half the size and the taste is no where as nice. It seems the maker has diluted the contents and they taste no where as nice, very poor indeed Submitted by Portia Waterhouse 10/06/2016 06:47