Lovely sprouts Theses sprouts taste gorgeous and we are always buy these from Iceland. Submitted by G Mitchell 01/03/2017 04:28
Iceland's fixed it! Iceland has evidently taken notice of previous reviews which is good for our family which loves sprouts. We have bought these throughout this winter as the taste, quality and value for money have been consistently good. Submitted by Su 11/01/2017 02:33
Always filthy? I've only been shopping on Iceland for a short while but the outer leafs on these sprouts are damaged and dirty beyond washing. I've been cutting off the hard ends, boiling them and then peeling off one or two layers when finished. A little bit of extra work and waste but I'm too fussy to eat the parts that look bad. Everything under the outer leafs is fine. Submitted by J 30/11/2016 02:21
Disgusting sprouts These sprouts are only fit for the dustbin Submitted by t lavis 13/11/2016 11:57