Good value for money Good value and good quality. Submitted by Yorkshire 07/06/2018 09:46
Taste Really taste. My 2y old son loves it. Submitted by Anonymous 23/08/2017 11:12
Terrible My last two orders of these easy peelers has not been good. The first order the easy peelers were small and very hard to peel and very acidic giving me bad reflux for which I had to take over the counter medication. I have ordered easy peelers before that were lovely. Thinking it was a bad batch or change of suppliers I did not order again for a few weeks and purchased locally from my local.supermarket whose easy peelers were sourced from Spain. They were gorgeous. I recently had an operation and have not been able to go out so I decided to order again from Iceland. Same thing happened. These easy peelers are very small, extremely hard to peel, and not sweet at all and once again I am suffering with terrible heartburn. Please Iceland if you cannot get easy peelers from Spain please buy them from Morocco or Peru as your South African supplier is either not supplying you with easy peelers or they are harvesting them far too early. I would be willing to pay more for genuine ripe easy peelers.In such discomfort. If I could give it a zero rating I would. So two bags of easy peelers paid for that I cannot eat. Submitted by ellie 20/07/2017 08:45
Awful and anything but easy to peel Peel feels like it is glued on with super glue and you can get more juice out of a rock. Submitted by Maurice Jacobs 28/04/2017 06:02
Average 500 grams= 6 small easy peel. Photo looks as if there are more in the bag so disappointed with the amount for the price. Submitted by Ann0n 17/09/2015 02:25
Like peeling bone Iceland's Easy Peelers used to be succulent and soft years back and I used to be a regular buyer. However, recently the batches of easy peelers they tend to have are small, slightly shriveled and so dry that it takes hours to peel one and the segments are juice-less, tart and generally very unpleasant to eat. I don't know if suppliers changed over the years or it's down to the way the fruits are stored before being unleashed on shop floors but I now stick to oranges, which although can be more cumbersome to prepare, are overall juicier at least. Buy these easy peelers with extreme caution. Submitted by Agamemnon 23/05/2015 12:11