Not good Firstly, the earthy smell of these is overwhelming - not had that from any other supermarket potatoes. The quality wasn't too good, quite a few bits that needed cutting out, and one mouldy one. Wouldn't buy again. Submitted by Jane 07/09/2017 02:51
White Potatoes A regular in my basket, they bake, boil and fry well, never had a bad pack. Submitted by a 11/05/2017 12:25
DATES Look at the date of reviews and not just the content of them. In the last 6 months I've had no problems. They are organic not processed food, imperfection is normal. Submitted by Sap 03/04/2017 03:21
Pretty good Only ever had one bad'ish pack, usually good spuds Submitted by Han solo 17/12/2016 01:29
Useless Looked OK on outside but as soon as you peel them they were black inside so threw most away. Submitted by R hadley 09/09/2016 07:27
Not impressed I am new to Iceland and I bought these thinking I`d give them a try. I should have listened to the reviews. Looked lovely till you pealed them, then all the black bits were terrible. You had to cut away more than you kept. Submitted by Anonymous 04/08/2016 06:59
Don't waste your money I use to buy a lot of potatoes from here but need the bigger bags as I use two at a time with my family. however the last few bags I've had have been full of bad potatoes. Submitted by Debs 27/04/2016 07:00
2kg bag vs 4kg bag I have previously purchased the 4kg bag for just £2 to find that they are no longer available. The 4kg bag was so much better as there were many different sizes in there and perfect for a family of 5. However, I've recently had no choice but to purchase this 2kg bag, which aren't really much use to me with a Family of 5. The Potatoes are far too small with not much variety of sizes. Plus, paying £1.39 for 2kg is pretty annoying as well, considering a 4kg bag were £2. Submitted by Emma 07/04/2016 02:12
Get a different supplier please These potatoes were very, very tasteless, and pretty low quality. Iceland really should offer much more variety of fresh veg, especially potatoes. Submitted by Mr L Kearney 08/03/2015 06:38
Fine As everyday potatoes these are fine, not had a bad one yet. Boil well and roast fine. Submitted by Mrs Congdon 15/12/2014 01:43
Absolutely fine Never had bad potatoes from here unlike a lot of grocery stores! Submitted by Mrs Rose 21/06/2014 07:41