Not Bad For microwave fries these are pretty tasty, they do need a dash of salt though. Submitted by Ange29 12/04/2018 09:09
TASTE LIKE MCDONALDS CHIPS Imagine you have a few McDonalds chips in your mouth - this is what one of these chips taste like. Handy for quick snack as only takes a few mins in microwave but don't overdo the cooking time by even a few seconds or they go hard and uneatable. Submitted by Anonymous 15/12/2017 12:24
Fries to go are fantastic These are found away from the other frozen fries, and they are SO GOOD! So like homemade and done in an instant without the mess. Submitted by Eirwen Powditch 02/03/2017 07:42
Bloody Brilliant! I was a little dubious when I bought these - they're cheap and can be made in the microwave, which should mean that it's two steps away from being packing material... However, they were warm, tasty and very moreish! I was pleasantly surprised and would recommend these to anybody - they're fantastic! Submitted by Mar 17/02/2017 06:28
Love these fries So much better then oven cooked fries. They taste just as good as takeaway fries, lovely with burgers. Submitted by Stacie Pollard 14/07/2014 07:18
Great idea My kids love these fries. It works every time. Best fries ever. Quite expensive though. Submitted by Ewa 30/12/2013 03:31