Margarine??? Bought without reading full label - saw 100% chicken breast part but missed that it was garlic MARGARINE. OMG - its got to be the biggest food turn off ever! Would it really cost much more to use butter? Rating based on ingredients rather than taste as I am throwing these out without trying them - makes me sick just thinking about them = ZERO STARS but site doesn't allow this (why?) Submitted by murf537 11/03/2017 11:13
Absolute horrible mess I bought these expecting it to be full of garlic and herb butter but nothing and is extremely dry. Definitely will not buy again Submitted by Jewels bagans 08/02/2017 04:23
Nice and tasty I really enjoyed these, as did all the family. I will be buying them again. Submitted by Anonymous 05/12/2016 04:32
Nice for the price Ideal with chips and mushy peas. Submitted by Lee J 04/11/2016 06:28
Horrible Thought I was ordering the garlic and herb chicken breast fillet kiev that used to come in a box, that was delicious. Can't find that one now, but this is nasty. When Iceland is good it's very good and when its bad... Submitted by clive couter 18/09/2016 01:51