Processed Chopped and shaped! Submitted by P J 23/08/2018 03:09
Not fillet chicken This is not fillet chicken. It might be made with a fillet chicken but it's processed and reshaped like a fillet to mislead customers. Shady practice. Submitted by Ryan 31/12/2017 06:46
Chopped! I chose the Glenhaven Kievs because they were described as "Made with 100% chicken breast fillet" - with no mention of the meat being chopped and shaped, unlike the alternative own-brand Kievs which Iceland do declare to be chopped and formed. However, the Newhaven packaging now tells me that these are chopped and shaped too. I think I have been misled. Rating is for description only as I haven't tried the product yet. Submitted by SChapman 24/11/2017 10:33
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