Gotta have 'em Love these GW crisps, better than Walkers. This pack has no salt & vinegar, which is good because I don't like that flavour. Submitted by Pam 11/11/2016 06:26
Terrific value Great value for money! Submitted by Alison from Dundee 31/08/2016 05:45
Hmmmmmmmmm So glad golden wonder is back as I am not a fan of walkers crisps. These are far better in taste and crunch and are nice big crisps. I am addicted. PLEASE CONTINUE TO SELL GOLDEN WONDER CRISPS! Submitted by tyana 30/03/2016 03:04
Tasty Normally I would get the original variety pack, but fancied a change and got these instead. All I can say is...Lovely! Submitted by Gary 19/09/2015 12:04