Not sure I am not vegetarian however I like various vegetarian dishes. This one I am not sure about. I tried the sausages on a bap with mayo nothing posh. The sausages seem rather rich. Could it be the cheese ? I would say give them a go and see for yourself. Mind I just read ingredients and I don't like the idea of calcium carbonate in my food. Calcium carbonate is used for antacid medicine and upset tummies. Oh and another ingredient I just spotted is calcium chloride great combination for kids. Just when you think your giving kids real healthy food. After affects ...Leaves a dry nasty taste in your mouth. Eeerrr vile. Sorry Iceland. it's not one f your best. I'm a 55 year old mum think I will stick to making my own. Submitted by Susie 07/03/2017 08:20
Different In not a vegetarian however I do like various vegetarian dishes. This product I can't make my mind up. It seems very rich. Is it the cheese? I had them on. A bap with mayo. It's a personal preference, give them a go and see for yourself. Submitted by Susie 07/03/2017 08:06