Almost excellent These are mostly fantastic. I say mostly because, for most of the time, they are delicious. However, There are a few downsides. I cook mine in the oven and wow, there is one heck of a lot of fat that comes out of them. Better out then in though but be prepared to drain it off. The other thing is they are a bit of a challenge to eat. I worked round this by cutting it into slices which allowed me to make two very nice burgers rather than one oversized one. Finally they sometimes have some rather nasty "bits" in, gristle I would imagine. Very much worth a try but be aware of these down sides. Submitted by Paul 02/07/2016 11:31
Really Tasty I was surprised at how good these burgers are - good quality meat and lovely seasoning. Submitted by Carole Allen 20/06/2016 02:43
Better than homemade! Have never been keen on bought burgers, but here are the best meatiest burgers ever! Tastes of pure succulent beef. Accurate cooking instructions from frozen, and worth the price. Submitted by Barbara Ralph 24/05/2016 03:41
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