Cross - this is not value or quality that I expect Title says it all. This is rubbish. Fiddly to cook. Tastes like feet. Submitted by #nofeetforme Aka Colin 13/11/2016 10:57
Expensive This is available in Tesco (different name) but includes bun and fries. Theirs tastes better as well. Submitted by Penelope 06/11/2016 05:56
Pricey and poor To the reviewer below - I agree with the original reviewer, it does allude to be a complete meal. I now buy The Shack brand. Much nicer than this. Submitted by Charlie C 22/09/2016 04:21
Nonsense SOME PEOPLE NEED TO READ THE PACKAGING BETTER. Burgers were lovely. Trying to reorder now but there are no mac n cheese stack ones and I'm a bit gutted! Submitted by Chris 08/09/2016 11:27
Not a whole meal! I thought it contained the bun like a posh rustler burger. But it didn't! 2 burgers for that price in Iceland is very expensive. I won't repurchase. Quality lacking. Had to cook pulled pork separately and burnt self. Was a lot of work! Submitted by Robbed of a whole meal! 26/07/2016 09:06