Wasn't impressed. Wasn't impressed with these at all. The only good thing about them was the light pastry. The chicken was dry despite the curry sauce and it also had an odd texture. Submitted by Karen 29/08/2015 04:37
Very nice! Have just brought these to give to my builders and actually tried one myself although have successfully tried others in the Gregg's range. This was the 1st time I had brought the chicken curry slices and although I'm not normally much of a pie and pasty person...these were absolutely beautiful, tasty and not too hot and spicy so ideal for me. Just ordering more to fill up my freezer...yummy! Submitted by Kathy, Clydach 30/09/2014 07:08
Pasties These are the only pasties I buy now. They are very tasty and easy to cook. My partner loves them too! Submitted by Issy 26/07/2014 08:43
Chicken curry pastie Really delicious. Crispy but flaky pastry. Recommended. Submitted by Lesley Cook 18/06/2014 09:40
Good product Lovely flaky pastry. I have to put a bit of seasoning & spice on mine as I find them a bit bland even though they are curried but that's because I'm from the Caribbean!! Submitted by Nikkie 03/01/2014 02:23
Greggs 2 Chicken Curry Pasties 270g Delicious and great value for money Submitted by Fionnuala Stanley 19/11/2013 12:03