Greggs vegetable bakes Fist time I've tried these recently and enjoyed them with carrot fries, they have a nice spicy kick to them and creamy sauce, big thumbs up Submitted by julie balmont 15/04/2018 04:17
Vegetable pasties They were spicy and full of red peppers, which I hate. Will never get these again Submitted by cindy 11/07/2017 10:12
Greggs vegatable pasties Yep great stuff, these pasties are very tasty they are very filling I did not need more than one. Submitted by Marina 18/03/2017 03:48
Veggie pasties Wow - what an unexpected treat - and I'm not even a vegetarian! These beautiful pasties brown really well and are full of lovely vegetables in a rich cheese sauce, Highly recommend. Submitted by Kay Boxall 18/09/2016 06:55
Amazing The best pasties I've ever had, I would recommend to everyone to try them. Submitted by Donna 17/06/2016 02:58
Brilliant Product First time I tried a vegetable pasty since the old recipe and it was gorgeous, full of big chunks of broccoli and sweetcorn, very pleasing - will be recommending and buying again! Submitted by Ava 21/04/2016 11:01