Hot Piping Deliciousness These are the real deal. They taste just like the ones you get in the shops and are mouth wateringly good. Much prefer these to the "luxury" brand ones from Iceland. These are cheaper, have a better sausage to pastry ratio, and generally taste better. The old man especially loves these! Submitted by Bobby 12/07/2018 05:32
Good Just like greggs good value for money Submitted by SEJ 03/02/2018 12:38
Best sausage rolls you can buy Greggs sausage rolls you can make at home straight from the oven, it doesn't get any better than that. Hubby loves em. Submitted by pippabubbles 01/02/2018 09:26
Brilliant!! I get these every week, cheaper than buying at a greggs own outlet and not as greasy. Submitted by Nick 26/01/2018 10:25
Greggs. These taste just like greggs from greggs, even though they were not from greggs, I cooked them. Submitted by Dan 14/01/2018 05:35
BEST EVER These are the only sausage rolls I eat. I order them every week the rest of the family love them also Submitted by Liz 24/08/2017 10:40
Best Ever! Bought these for the local Bowls Club - went down a storm Submitted by BillyAnn 02/08/2017 10:27
Sausage rolls I buy these all time, I love these snacks for dinner. Yummy Submitted by cindy 11/07/2017 10:14