Umm my favourite Best Gregg's bake of all time, pepperoni adds so much flavour and make chicken sauce piquant. Submitted by Anne 18/06/2017 04:28
Packed with flavour! Absolutely love these! Almost like a chicken tikka slice but more cheesy and very pleasant. Submitted by Anonymous 24/05/2017 01:19
Spicy but tasty Husbands favourite now! Submitted by Anonymous 23/05/2017 02:32
Dreadful Horrible...just taste of some kind of pepper, and far too much of it! Couldn't even consider putting out for the birds for their safety! So they went in the bin. Submitted by Kate 29/07/2014 03:01
Tasty value Nice meaty and tasty Submitted by Anonymous 21/10/2013 07:00