These are better than branded Being a type 2 diabetic is no fun especially if you are like me, a biccy munchie, so many biscuits are a no no but then I discovered these and they are brilliant, great taste and better than branded in my opinion, a much healthier option. Iceland keep them stocked please!! Submitted by sue p 27/08/2018 11:31
Great taste These taste so good, the whole family loves them. Submitted by Nancy A. 22/01/2018 05:06
Keeper I hope Iceland don't discontinue these. They are nice and a healthier option. Submitted by Anne 18/01/2018 07:09
Taste like digestives ! 9g carbs each, taste like real digestives so great treat for kiw carbers. Submitted by Theroigne 06/01/2018 11:55
The best Gullon sugar free biscuits are divine. I hope Iceland continues with this range. Submitted by Linda Taylor 22/11/2017 01:54