Vile and soggy Had to grill these for ages to get the oil and moisture out as they were falling to pieces. Tasteless, but a very slight taste of paint, horrible. Buy fresh. Submitted by Tangles. 28/08/2018 05:45
Urgh! No fresh black pudding , so thought I would give this a try .... cooked 2 slices .. simply awful in every way, binned the rest! Submitted by booboo 20/03/2018 08:09
Small, hard and salty Gave these a try because nothing fresh was available. I found these unpleasant in every way. Submitted by Northern Lad 21/02/2018 08:19
Loyal fan Deliciously tasty, I wouldn't even look at any other black pudding. Loyal fan. Submitted by Rebecca65 22/09/2017 09:48
Honestly delicious My favourite black pudding on this earth. SUCH a tasty product, and great value for money! Submitted by Jen29 19/09/2017 04:22
Great purchase Delicious product, highly recommend. Submitted by Leanne 14/09/2017 03:52
Excellent Good value. Great taste, easy cook. Submitted by James 01/08/2017 10:11
Mmmm Best black pudding available anywhere! Submitted by Anne Selley 15/03/2017 01:10
Yummy The best frozen black pudding I've had cooked lovely and doesn't shrink. Submitted by nikki 28/11/2016 11:16