Read the label I bought this when I was craving jam, it tastes great but it didn't have bits and I love fruit bits. I bought a cheap one from another food retailer and decided to keep this in the fridge for the kids. After swapping them over, I noticed my stomach didn't feel so heavy and I felt fuller. There's actually more jam and less sugar in the one I bought from the other retailer. I thought I was paying more for the weight over all because this jar looked bigger but they're the same weight. With the exact same ingredients, aside from the two I mentioned. There's only a 1g difference in the sugar but 10g of fruit. It's not really a fruit jam if most of it is added sugar. Submitted by issy 01/05/2017 03:23
JAMTASTIC! You like Jam? Want a Jam that once opened will defy the test of time? A delicious Jam at a good price? Well, congratulations, you've found it. Submitted by Funky Boy 21/02/2017 01:35
Lasts a long time I'm not fussy about jam. It's sweet and compliments crumpets nicely. What I like is that it seems to last for ages in the fridge without going moldy. Submitted by Kie 04/12/2014 02:21