Seriously good I'm surprised by this mayo, thought I wouldn't like it as much as Hellman's but I was wrong... I love it & so do my kids! Well done Heinz Submitted by Tia 23/02/2017 06:45
Definitely worth a try Delicious Submitted by Lj 22/12/2016 04:30
Lost a sale here Heinz has replaced Hellman's?? Not in my household it hasn't. There is no substitute. Disappointing Hellman's is no longer stocked - nothing on Earth will make me buy any other mayo. Submitted by Lisa 27/09/2016 07:54
Nice flavour Tastes different to the usual run of the mill mayo’s but it's a very nice flavour. The whole family likes it. Excellent value. Submitted by DB1 18/08/2016 12:34
Mayo Not any different to the cheaper mayo that Heinz makes. I will be sticking to Hellmann's Submitted by Mr Lenehan 10/08/2016 03:47