Yum Amazing ❤❤❤ Submitted by Jen 02/02/2018 08:09
Peannut butter cup Ice-cream I quite liked the smooth ice-cream, but had to bring out the whole tub as it was too hard to scoop. The chocolate peanut butter cups were lovely, although I was surprised to find them so tiny, though I liked that they looked so cute. Submitted by Sootykins Mummy 01/02/2018 06:37
Awful! So disappointed I was over the moon when I saw Iceland doing their own version of this ice cream but this tastes like motor oil! I tried it again on a different day in case it was me but no, please improve this and I'll try it again. Had to bin it, gutted! :( Submitted by Ice cream lover 27/01/2018 02:13