No More!! Contradicting my previous review (rinsing worked by the way) as much as I prefer a fatty meat, I would also like some meat on the fat, The past 2 packs I've had both had a pure fat piece in, that went straight in the bin, pure fat - no meat!! Won't be buying them again, I can forgive a 'one-off' but twice in a row, 2 different packs!? No way! Cannily disguised as well by extra spices and chilli flakes. Submitted by Dani 18/03/2016 02:37
Spicy Spicy HOT HOT HOT !!! I've had these twice, the first time, were mild-ish, the second time, blew my tastebuds right off my tongue, way way way too hot, for me anyway. However, I do like pork belly, as i like a fatty meat, so will buy them again, but before cooking i am gonna give them a rinse. Which some of you reading this may think is weird considering they are chilli pork belly. Submitted by Dani 06/02/2016 12:36